Ross Taylor

After 21 matches – 2 more to play 2009 CNTC

Well this is turning out to be a real nail biter for many teams. I don’t recall seeing the field so bunched up so late in the event. We are sitting 8th with 2 matches to play. There are at least five teams nipping at our heels who want a piece of that 8th place.

On the other hand; we are only 5 out of 7th; 10 out of 6th; and 21 VP out of first !

The list is as follows : (no team names here – you can see that at the cbf website.

First 358
Second 357
Third 356
Fourth 354
Fifth 350
Sixth 347
Seventh 342
Eighth 337 (That is Team Thurston)
Ninth 333
Tenth 332
Eleventh 329
Twelvth 328

Turns out we moved up to 8th after match 18 when we won by 16 imps; we lost by a small margin of 4 imps in match 19 when Keith and I were at lunch; we were back to 7th after winning match 19 by nine imps; ; and lost match 21 by only 2 imps to stake a tenuous claim on 8th place.

I do have many interesting hands to report but now is not the time. The complete results are available at the CBF website :


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