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After 19 matches 2009 CNTC Penticton

Match 18 was a tough set of boards with lots of decisions with our cards. Fortunately, we made all the right decisions. We stayed out of two slams that could not quite make; and bid and made two others. We also beat a 3NT played from an unfavorable side (for us) on tight defense. Our counterparts at the other table were no slouches however, so the win was by 16 imps – still, that’s 20 VP’s for us.

I checked the standings after this match and we were now in a three way tie for 7th. the two leading teams had 313; next was 311 in third. Two teams were tied for fourth at 296; another team at 293, and there we were at 292. Still very tightly bunched above and below us.

Keith and I sauntered off for a light lunch and came back for the comparison of match 19. There were several slam decisions in this set of boards too. We lost the match by a narrow 4 imps; picking up 14 VP’s for a present total of 306 VP. I did not stick around for the leaderboard – we could be anywhere from 8th to 10th would be my guess.

We resume play again in 45 minutes – I’d rather rest than blog, so hands from these matches will have to come later. The leaderboard can be viewed at :

If anyone would like to contact me directly I can be reached at

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ColekDecember 17th, 2015 at 3:51 am

I hear you Rebecca. I think one of the goals is to start to appeal to a yognuer demographic and certainly to ditch the image of the Smithsonian as a place you only visit once or twice. I for one am eagerly waiting to see how they bring this to life. That is where we will see if it has legs.I was not a fan of the Smithsonian sun mark that was developed years ago by Chermayeff and Geismar- again an assignment that was never bid out. I want to see how Wolff Olins starts to express it past a tagline.

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