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Cold slam missing three key cards

The tournament continued today at the venerable Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. Once again we played team Korbel in the KO teams, this time in the semi final. Their team line up was slightly different with Joel Woolridge, Hazel and Darren Wolpert, David Grainger, and Daniel Korbel.

Our team included Ian Coats, Ken Marden, David Hutton, Jim Colvin, Keith Balcombe and myself.

Our team was up by only 1 imp at the half, Ian and Ken having held their own very well against Joel and David. Early in the second half, this beastie came up.


Dealer: West

Vul: Both 



West passed in first chair, and I opened 1NT (weak) as North. Joel Woolridge bid 2 spades, showing spades and a minor. Keith was looking at an 0-8-4-1 shaped hand, and chirped 3 hearts (forcing of course).

West passed, and I raised to 4 hearts. I was maximum in HCP with four card trump support yes, but I did not cue bid as my values looked a bit soft in light of the two suited overcall on my left.

Keith looked long and hard at his unusual hand, and finally decided to pass. He smoothly picked off the stiff king of trumps offside (sic), and chalked up twelve tricks.

To their credit, Daniel Korbel and Darren Wolpert bid and made the slam at the other table, though I don’t yet know their auction. As you can see, missing two aces and the king of trumps, this slam is legitimate.

If the defense cashes their Ace of clubs on the opening lead, declarer must locate the diamond queen in West’s hand. If they do not cash it (I gather West has a natural spade lead, his partner having the Ace), the spade honours provide a club discard, and the diamond guess is the cherry on top.

Team Korbel picked up 13 imps here, enroute to a 23 imp victory.


Daniel KorbelJanuary 3rd, 2010 at 3:43 am

Our auction went as follows:


4H- P – 6H – AP

3H was a fit showing jump. Not exactly textbook, but I figured I’d be no worse off by making it, and since we have a grand slam opposite xxx x KQxxxx Axx I thought I should leave diamonds in the picture.

AnnDecember 17th, 2015 at 4:21 am

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