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COPC Winners – Todd and Fisher

The COPC came to an exciting conclusion this evening with Western Canadian players dominating the final overalls. First place went to Douglas Fisher and Bob Todd, pictured above. Second to Michael Yuen and Maurice De La Salle, and third place went to Vince Lambert and Vince Nowlan.

Conspicuous by their absence is ANY of the pairs I was prognosticating victory for, and in our case, Keith and I had a decent game this evening to climb back from 22nd to 13th overall.

The top 8 places (these may be slightly off and are unofficial – subject to checking at the CBF website)

Todd – Fisher 553
Yuen – De La Salle 537
Lambert – Nowlan 523
Willis – Frucacz 522
Gartaganis – Gartaganis 521
Ballantyne – Litwin 518
Jones – Foster 511
Bowman – Bowman 510

Our score was 501 – basically just over a board out of the bronze medal.

Congratulations to the winners (gold medal AND $2000 cash), and to the other medallists.

Final results will be posted at the CBF website at :

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