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COPC Final – 3 sessions done; 1 to go

Well, I am afraid we were pretty mediocre this afternoon. Three things differed from yesterday’s qualifying sessions.

1) The opponents played much better (half the field had been weeded out)

2) We did not play so well – both of us have a couple of boards we’d like back

3) The hands at our table did not lend themselves to a big score – less swingy, more grinding type hands.

The net result is we dropped from 5th down to 22nd; and have little realistic chance of placing in the top 3. We would need a huge game tonight – like 65% or better**.

Still we will do the best we can, and see what transpires.

The unofficial standings at this time are as follows:

Frukacz – Willis 298
Bowman – Bowman 293
Gartaganis – Gartaganis 292
Jacob – Hicks 278
Jones – Foster 272

We are trailing somewhat with 237, top on a board is 17, so we are more than three boards out.

** (After the final session, I checked what we would have needed. We needed a 70% game to win, and a 65% game to come in second.)

Waldemar and Dave have led the event from start to finish. Can they hang on for one more session?

I will try to post some interesting hands later tonight. Right now, there’s some bridge to play, and medals to be won.

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The results are being posted at the CBF website at

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