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COPC Final – my predictions

Let’s start with a picture of Keith and me – just in case the results by the end of the day don’t warrant an automatic pic of the two of us!

Also a picture of our tournament directors. Head director Henry Cukoff, and directors Doug Rankin and Brian Russell.

So who do I like in this event?

First, I like our own chances – if we can still stand fifth after last night’s roller coaster, then we should be knocking at the door at the end of the event if only we can do more rocking and less reeling.

A pair that has impressed me with their consistent results this year is Bing Le and Richard Chan – seems they put up a tough fight every time I play them. They have had two consistent sesssions, and they made the quarter finals of the CNTC, so they are my first pick dark horse pair.

My other dark horse pair is Ivan Popivanov and Anton Blagov. They were on the dangerous Gamble team, that only just failed to make the CNTC playoffs by virtue of the tie breaker methodology.

No one would be surprised if Nick and Judy Gartaganis won this event – they consistently produce results on this stage and beyond that proves they know how to win.

Doug Baxter and David Lindop are another pair in form. David in particular seems to be more confident, almost serene, than I have seen in years, and Doug certainly deserves the spotlight after being a very solid player for many years.

For sure you cannot rule out Waldemar Frucacz and David T. Willis – they cruised through the qualifying in first place – and are capable of winning even on their “B game”.

I mean no disrespect to any of the other fine players remaining in this event. The reality is that anyone can win – though with the carryover system in place, it would sure help to be in the top half of the field at the start. That fits the profile of Doug and Sandra Fraser, or Dave Colbert and John Duquette – who all know how to win the big ones.

Stay tuned. If anyone would like to contact me directly I can be reached at


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