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CNTC Final – half way point

After two 16 board segments, Carruthers had built up a 24 imp lead over L’Ecuyer. One more segment later, and L’Ecuyer had reoovered 17 imps back to trail by only 7 imps. The final segment of the day (completing 64 boards – with 64 more to play) saw L’Ecuyer turn on the after burners with a huge set, and have now converted the deficit into a 46 imp lead.

The important thing for Carruthers’ team now is to chip away at the deficit – it’s way too early to swing. What they don’t want is 46 imps to be become 70 or 80 imps against a team in form, and with boards running out.

Just as L’Ecuyer turned the tables today, the same thing could happen in the other direction in tomorrow’s final four sessions.

Time will tell, but clearly it is advantage L’Ecuyer at this point.

In the Senior Teams, the veteran squad of Boris Baran, Shoe, Marty Kirr, and Arno Hobart will play Ray Jotcham, Steve Mackay, Lew Richardson, and Alan Lee in tomorrow’s final.

By virtue of being over the minimum age requirement AND also being fine top players in the Open category, Joey Silver and John Carruthers are also on the Baran team. It’s quite possible they could win this event without playing a single card in it – as of course they are playing concurrently in the CNTC final.

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